Popsicle Party

Popsicle Party Banner

Late again! I’m catching up though- I made these on Monday night and we tried them yesterday, so I predict that by next week we’ll be back on track for Friday nights/Saturday afternoons. Anyway, I hope I can earn your forgiveness with my sweet popsicle party! banner, because while I was looking for a good picture to use I found a popsicle made of human sweat and now I’m totally grossed out.

Continuing my theme of being too lazy to buy & process fruit, these are more juice popsicles.

Popsicle Party

I used a combination of Sun-Rype’s Peach Pear and Wild Raspberry, but to make things a little more exciting I layered them instead of mixing. The only issue I had was it was a little hard to get the sticks in after I added the peach pear, but that’s because I was trying to use up all the raspberry juice so I put in a little too much.
Popsicle Party

These are super delicious! I think this combination might be even better if I made them with ACTUAL fruit but baby steps, people. Baby steps.
Popsicle Party

Sym’s dad was here picking her up so he had a popsicle too.


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