Popsicle Party

This post is so late! Actually the whole party was so late, we were too busy eating nachos and watching Aladdin on Friday night to make any, plus we still had a bunch of those terrible watermelon ones left from last time. Sym eventually ate all of them so this afternoon I decided to make some simple, mid-week popsicles.

Apple Lime Juice
I just used this Sun-Rype Apple Lime juice. When I was a little kid we RARELY got juice boxes, usually just on long car trips. There would always be just ONE apple lime juice box and I’d have to battle my dad for it. It was my favorite and I still love it.

Apple Lime Popsicle with Hair
ew, ignore the hair. I DID, haha.
I made them this afternoon and they were done by this evening so Sym and I tried them out and they were delicious! Totally crisp and refreshing and perfect for the hottest day so far this year.

Apple Lime Popsicle with Sym
how cute is this kid?

btw these are the LAST EVER pics taken with my old camera, except for the carton of juice which was taken with my new camera.


One response to “Popsicle Party

  1. She is pretty awesome. Reminds me a bit of me as a kid

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