Some People are a Berry Big Bummer

Rubus Spectabilis

The other day one of my clients was picking up her kid and she noticed the huge salmonberry bush just outside the back gate that was covered in big, juicy, ripe berries. She said “Ooh, salmonberries!” and plucked the plumpest, reddest one, but right before she popped it into her mouth she got all sour-faced and said “They never really get ripe though.” I just don’t get it! Confronted with FREE DELICIOUS BERRIES and all she can say is something crabby? How depressing! And just never mind the fact the the berry she was holding was totally ripe! Negative people bum me out, BUT their energy-sucking grumpiness does have an upside: it reminds me of the importance of staying positive!


5 responses to “Some People are a Berry Big Bummer

  1. Isn’t it a shame how the Negative Nancies always get the best…..everything?

  2. Stay posi, Tanie. Are you up to doing coffee or A2A or something any time this week? I need to reach out to actually do stuff with people more rather than just SAY I am going to. Let me know.

  3. Maybe next weekend? I’m swamped and exhausted with work/life right now.

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