What I’m Reading


The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud 36/104; The Glass Castle: A Memoir 37/104; Every Last One: A Novel38/104

I admit it, I decided to read The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud after seeing the trailer for the movie:

Sometimes when I can’t figure out what book to read next I just go to the Kindle store and click on random books until something catches my eye. That’s how I stumbled across The Glass Castle, and BOY AM I GLAD I DID. This book was so so so good. I found myself having to stop reading because I was getting so frustrated at the parents, and the fact that it’s a true story just made it so much more incredible.

I would suggest reading Every Last One if you feel like having a big ol’ cry. One thing though- the description of the book on Amazon/the back cover kind of gives away too much of the story, and all the reviews I read the reviewer took issue with this, so before I even read it I knew something unbelievably terrible was going to happen and as a result, I didn’t allow myself to become fully engaged with the characters. And now I’m perpetuating this for people who might read this book after me. YOU’RE WELCOME.

I’m still behind the pace to meet my goal, but I read all these books last week, so I’m definitely starting to catch up.

2 responses to “What I’m Reading

  1. hana / ifancylust

    if you liked the glass castle, i think you might like driving with dead people by monica holloway. you should check it out!

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