Weekend Part One: Saturday in the Suburbs

Pre-Wedding Guest Face

This weekend seemed like it was just a series of scheduling nightmares, but it actually turned out really well!

Saturday was Taylor’s cousin’s wedding, so originally I’d arranged for Sym to go to her dad’s early that day. Unfortunately both of us forgot about this so when Clay told me he had a fight that night I was like “oh that’s cool, I’ll just keep Sym!” Whoops. When I realized the mix up Clay arranged for his mom to have Sym for the weekend, so she (and Dougal) were supposed to be picked up Friday night. However, Sym got invited to her best friend Ali’s birthday party on Saturday from eleven until two (she was actually invited to THREE birthday parties this weekend, wth) and I didn’t want her to have to miss it because of all this grown-up stuff. I had to arrange for her grandma to pick her up from the party at two, since we had to leave for the wedding at noon, but since we wouldn’t be home she couldn’t pick up Dougal, so Clay (who has a key) had to stop by before his fight at five to take the dogs out. Got that? I know, it’s complicated!

Sym Pedicure

Before I took Sym to Ali’s I painted her toes for her with this pink MAC Hello Kitty polish she got for her birthday. I thought it went really well with her turquoise denim miniskirt which looks like the exact sort of thing a young Jessica Wakefield would have picked out to compliment her blue-green eyes.

After I dropped her off I had to rush and get ready myself. I wore this probably too-short grey chiffon dress I bought on Friday night at Urban Outfitters. It also turned out to have the annoying habit of showing parts of my bra. Lesson learned: always shop well in advance so you have time to deal with your clothing’s foibles.

Saturday's Dress

Too Many Choices

I wasn’t sure what shoes I was going to wear with it so I ended up bringing two pairs, my turquoise MbMJ peep-toe heels (these are actually my own wedding shoes) and some flat strappy sandals. I also brought my cardi Uggs to wear in the car on the way home. Footwear-wise, I was prepared for almost any eventuality!

In the Zipcar on our way out of the city.

Ikea Break

The wedding was out in the suburbs so we made a detour to buy shelf brackets at Ikea. Originally I was going to get bookends but I couldn’t find the ones I wanted and we were in a hurry so instead I got these cool Ekby Mans brackets in black. Of course, now I’m rethinking my dvd shelf situation and I think I’m going to re-do the whole wall, which means lots of patching holes and repainting. Oops!

Anyway, after a quick ice cream cone we were back on the road. Eating in the car actually ended up being kind of a theme for the day.

Car Ice Cream

Now, the next part was the only part of the weekend that sucked. After driving through the back end of god-knows-where to get to the hall, we arrived at literally the last minute to find NO ONE there. All week long I’d been asking Taylor “So where is this wedding? Are you sure? And the ceremony and the reception are in the same place? Are you sure?” Taylor told me many times that yes, he was sure the ceremony and the reception were both at the same place, and he knew this because even though he’d thrown the invitation away already (!!!) he’d made it an event in his Google calendar and copied down all the information just right.

Except for the part where the ceremony was at the groom’s parents’ house in Delta at 2 pm and the reception was at a hall in Langley at 5 pm. So at two o’clock, guess where we were? THE FRIGGING HALL. Taylor tried calling his mom to figure out what was going on but she’d already turned her phone off, so he called his sister Jaime, who luckily picked up. She and her boyfriend Shaun had only been invited to the reception and were just checking into their hotel. We figured that we must not have been invited to the ceremony either and Taylor was just confused about the time, so we decided to go over their hotel and hang out. In truth, we were ALL invited to the ceremony, but Jamie and Sean unfortunately got the wrong invitation, and Taylor is just. Well. Let’s say easily confused.

Taylor making his “guilty” face.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Me making my “I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed” face.

I was pretty livid at this point. I’d gotten up and ready super early and made everyone rearrange their plans re: Sym and the dogs so we could go to this thing at two, when we (as we still thought) didn’t even have to be there until five! We could have picked Sym up from the birthday party and then dropped her off at her grandparents’ house ourselves! We could have spent way more time at Ikea! We cold have EATEN SOMETHING- all I’d had besides my Ikea ice cream was a bowl of granola at like, ten am, which I thought would be okay because if the ceremony at reception are at the same place, there usually isn’t a huge gap between the couple getting married and their guests getting something to eat. I was basically STARVING by this point, which certainly wasn’t helping my mood, so after having a cocktail

Mike & Heather's Wedding

and enjoying some creepy and hideous hotel room art

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Mike & Heather's Wedding

we followed the only reasonable course of action: eating McNuggets and Big Macs in the car in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Car Nuggets

This cheered me up quite a bit and by the time we were done it was time to head to the hall for real. Although I was secretly dreading the whole thing and threatened several times to take a cab all the way home, it was actually a super fun reception.

Mike & Heather's Wedding

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Mike (the groom) is apparently really into cars, so all the tables were named after different ones and had little coordinating Hot Wheels toys.
Mike & Heather's Wedding

Mike & Heather's Wedding
My plastic cup of white wine. I eventually procured an entire bottle from another table- ours only had red.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Taylor’s sister Jaime was at our table.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
More people at our table: Taylor’s hilarious cousin Carla (center), her date Paul and another cousin’s girlfriend who looks like Hayden Panettiere.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Taylor’s moms, Darlene and Yvonne. They were at the Cougar table, haha.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Mike stopped by our table for a swig of Paul’s Fireball whisky.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Mike and Heather’s first dance.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Heather’s dance with her father is interrupted by Mike’s dad and uncle doing a little dance of their own.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Stay classy, Tanie Laramie.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Sometimes I CAN make a regular face for pictures. I think there was also a horrible one but my wonderful husband didn’t upload it. I love that man!

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Taylor and I on the patio.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Mike & Heather's Wedding
Taylor’s mom, Darlene.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Mike & Heather's Wedding
Taylor’s stepmom, Yvonne. I wish I had a picture of her with her brothers (Mike’s dad and uncle from the dancing picture) because they look so much alike it is almost freaky.

Mike & Heather's Wedding
Mike & Heather's Wedding
You can always tell when I’m thinking about whatever it is I’m talking about (and I’m always talking about something) because I look up. I don’t know why.

We only stayed until about 9:30- we had to get home early to prevent any dog-related disasters. I ended up wearing my MbMJ heels to the wedding and my feet were KILLING ME so Taylor thoughtfully lent me his size 12 men’s shoes and walked to the car in his sock feet.

Clown Shoes

Now that’s love.


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