Where the City Meets the Ocean


On Tuesdays after piano lessons I take Symphony to her dad’s house. It was a cold, dark, bleak walk during the fall and winter, except for during the Olympics, when it was still cold and dark, but less bleak. Now that it’s definitely spring out though, it’s beautiful.

Pre-Sunset at Sunset Beach

Sym with Dandelion


Every time we would pass this sculpture Symphony would tell me it was rings for giants to get married. Turns out the title is “Engagement.”

English Bay

After dropping Sym off I was greeted in the backyard by my neighbors shi tzu Harley, or as I call him Harls Barkley.

Harls Barkley

I discovered yesterday that I had reached the last page of my Moleskine notebook. I texted Taylor about it (clearly it was a momentous event) and when I got home there was a brand new one waiting on the table for me, all ready to be filled with to-do lists and meal plans.

New Moleskine

How could I ever be mad at someone so thoughtful? And cute. Someone so thoughtful and cute.

Taylor & Kichou


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