Shelves, Sort Of

Shelves, Sort of

Finally, some shelves in my library! These are actually for dvds/blu-rays, not books, but at least it’s a start! Of course, in spite of my best efforts I’m not finished this “weekend” project yet. I need to find some no-shelf-space-taking-up bookends to stop things from falling off the end, and as you can see by the big gap in the middle, I need to put up a couple more shelves. Unfortunately the store I got the brackets from didn’t have enough (I need four more) and all the other same-size brackets I could find had a slightly different hole alignment, but I already drilled the walls and put in the anchors and just argh. So now I have to try to find the same brackets elsewhere, or wait for the original store to restock. GREAT.
Symphony Practicing her Piano
My library is actually a library-slash-music room, as evidenced by Symphony and her piano. I still haven’t picked up a non-slip underpad for my Birds of a Feather rug so right now it lives on the bench.


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