Midday Picture Post

Cutie Snack
I made Taylor a cute snack before he went to bed (at 1 pm): apple juice, little cheeses, grapes and slices of apple cut into the shape of an apple. Not pictured: my own, less cute snack of garlic potato chips.

Fat Cat
The unbearable fatness of Claire.

Tulips are my favorite flowers. I got these at a 3-bunches-for $5 stand, except I accidentally (I swear!) grabbed 4 bunches. Twenty tulips for $5, I’m not complaining.

Dougal Dog
I should make a regular feature on this blog, the Daily Dougal.


3 responses to “Midday Picture Post

  1. Funny you mention, another blog I read, the poster has a daily pic of her beagle, they are very cute

  2. Why not? Dooce does it and she is pretty much swimming in money from her blog, so…

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